Dungeon-Crawling RPG ‘Mary Skelter 2’ Introduces Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and More in New Character Details

Idea Factory International released new details for their dungeon-crawling RPG Mary Skelter 2, coming digitally on Nintendo Switch on October 22 in North America and October 23 in Europe.

This time around, players get to meet four new characters as follows:

  • Thumbelina – She is the eldest of three sisters and once a Blood Maiden working with Dawn until an incident occurred and she returned to the Order of the Sun with Snow White and Sleeping Beautiful. She’s eager to keep her sister’s safe and distrusts everyone outside of that circle.
  • Snow White – The middle child of three sisters. She is kind and thoughtful and wishes that her older sister, Thumbelina, would trust those around them a little more. Although this just creates awkward tension between them.
  • Sleeping Beauty – The youngest of the three sisters. She is always there to help her sisters. She also begins to question herself after spending time with new people.
  • Cinderella – The Blood Maiden who went missing years ago. She is also the suspect of a mysterious murder.

Special features about this release are the inclusion of Mary Skelter: Nightmares, a game that was previously only available on PlayStation Vita. The game will become available to any who purchase Mary Skelter 2. However, this version of the game will include revamped systems and balancing adjustments.

The game previously released on PlayStation 4 in Japan as a sequel to 2017’s Mary Skelter on PlayStation Vita. Mary Skelter 2 continues the adventure of the series as Jack as he deals with becoming a nightmare which opens the door for a new battle system. During gameplay, players will need to satisfy the living jail’s needs by completing the three desires in the jail, which will provide Jack with various bonuses. During battles, Jack will be able to succumb to the nightmare and turn into Ripper Jack where he can deal devastating amounts of damage. The game also features items known as Blood Crystals which can be harvested to turn into new items.

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You can check out the character illustrations below:

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