Mary Skelter 2 Brings Its Twisted Fairy Tale to Steam Next Week

Mary Skelter 2 Brings Its Twisted Fairy Tale to Steam Next Week

Ghostlight has announced the release date for the PC edition of Mary Skelter 2. The Compile Heart-developed dungeon RPG was originally released for PS4 only in Japan, with a Switch version that also came west in 2019. Mary Skelter 2 will be available on Steam on January 13, 2022. As with the Switch release, it’ll include a revamped version of the first game, Mary Skelter: Nightmares.

Mary Skelter is a franchise of dungeon RPGs in which a certain group of girls called Blood Maidens has developed special powers. Living inside a giant living prison known as Jail, they long to be free of the nightmares that roar in its corridors. As such, the group sets forward fighting the creatures known as Märchen and dealing with the invincible foes called Nightmares.

While the first game told a story from the perspective of the young boy Jack, Mary Skelter 2 follows Otsuu. She’s a Blood Maiden who swore to become Little Mermaid’s Prince. As such, she dedicates all her time to be as princely as possible. During a mission, she and Little Mermaid find Jack and Alice but the rescue mission goes awry and Jack becomes a Nightmare who can somehow retain his consciousness and personality.

During the game players can control a team of Blood Maidens, each of which have unique powers that can be used to solve puzzles and advance through the first-person labyrinths. They also have multiple jobs that offer specific benefits and caveats to keep in mind. The game also has an affection system, though the Purge Corruption minigame that was available on the Switch version will be unavailable on Steam.

The Mary Skelter series was recently concluded in 2021 with Mary Skelter Finale, which is available on PS4 and Switch. The release included summaries of the previous two games as well as 3 light novels that expand on the Mary Skelter universe and dating sim visual novels. If you’d like to know about the latest game in the series, check out our review.

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