Australian Classification Effectively Bans Mary Skelter 2 From Local Release

Compile Heart’s new dungeon crawler RPG Mary Skelter 2 has been confirmed not to be released in Australia. In a tweet from publisher Idea Factory International, in response to a fan question, the game was refused a rating due to ‘the age rating being not accepted.’

This seems to be likely an intentional decision to ban the game from entering the country as the previous title, Mary Skelter: Nightmare, was released in the country under an R18+ rating. Both Mary Skelter: Nightmare and Mary Skelter 2 released in the US under an M rating.

Unfortunately, with the game currently being digital-only and no steam release in sight, it looks like there will be no formal method to purchase or play the game. You could use an account set to another region and purchase gift cards for that region’s online store. However, it will likely cost you more as 3rd party sellers tend to mark up.

The New Zealand classifications scheme incorporates decisions of the Australian classifications board, too, which means the game will be unplayable in that region as well. If you’re unhappy, like I am, about this decision to what is essential, ban, a fantastic RPG, you can submit an online inquiry to the Australian Classification board here.

Meanwhile, check out our review of Mary Skelter 2, which is currently available now on Nintendo Switch worldwide. Except for Australia and New Zealand.

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