Marvel’s Avengers’ Next Gen Console Version Made Me Glad I Waited to Play

When Marvel’s Avengers first released, people were upset with the product. Sure, it has a few dedicated players, but I don’t think it’s what the general audience expected. Suffice to say, like many others, I listened to the complaints and decided just to stay away.

Following the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release, we started to see a few games receive these next-gen console versions with the promise to upgrade and enhance already released games. With Marvel’s Avengers’ launch on the more powerful hardware, I thought I should give it a shot. I mean, it can’t be that bad.

Marvels Avengers 1

Early adopters to Marvel’s Avengers have been waiting on new content, and the PS5 launch provides that with the Hawkeye DLC. However, we can get into that later because I just want to highlight on a technical side, Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 removes the complaints of long load times and improves frame rate across the board. I never saw the game as visually lacking, and I guess the developers didn’t either because it mostly looks the same compare to the older version.

Some enhancements have been added to the DualSense controller that works well with the Kate Bishop and Hawkeye content updates. It’s fun to pull the arrow back and feel the tension. Still, I don’t particularly enjoy this feature other than the gimmick because I feel like it slows down my actions. I imagine that if I use it long enough, my fingers will begin to grow muscles.

Hawkeye is an all-around savage character to play as. Since this was my first time through the adventure, I worked my way up to his content and experienced everything this superhero story had to offer. I must say that any complaints about the narrative are valid, but I was at least interested in where the story was going.

It’s easy to see how much better the story became in the expansions, and I feel like this was the writers providing more of what worked from the main scenario. It begs players to stick with it to experience this new content, but the last-gen versions’ bitter after taste might cause them to think twice.

With the Hawkeye campaign, we get more insight into the multiple timelines that were established in the Kate Bishop DLC. At the same time, Hawkeye is a great character to play as you can bet that I was sick of fighting against these damn robot enemies over and over again. Please, I just played through hours of missions fighting them; the last thing I want to do is jump into a new campaign and fight more of them.

Marvels Avengers 4

The Hawkeye story content seems to be setting a nice foundation for future campaigns, but it doesn’t do much to improve the gameplay experience. I’m glad I waited to play the game for this version alone because it removed any complaints I could have had about load times and low-res action.

However, this only puts the spotlight on where this game desperately needs to improve. We can’t keep being fed the same enemies, mission types, and environments over and over again. Those still playing will soon grow tired, even if they’ve already invested so many hours into the game. I can only handle so many mindless waves of enemies to fight through just because I’m semi-interested in where this story is going. Now, I’m just looking for some content.

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