Orcsoft Visual Novel ‘Marshmallow Imouto Succubus’ Coming to Steam Next Week

Sekai Project has announced the western release of Marshmallow Imouto Succubus. The nukige-style visual novel was developed by Orcsoft’s imprint Dwarfsoft and originally released in Japan in 2015. It’ll be available in English on PC on September 22 and the Steam page is already open for wishlisting.

Marshmallow Imouto Succubus tells the story of a young man called Tsukikawa Keisuke. After having strange dreams about his younger sister, Saki, he learns that she has a succubus sleeping inside her body. Though her real personality is innocent to the point of thinking kisses are enough to get a girl pregnant, at night she transforms into a lustful demon eager to experience pleasure.

As he starts having to deal with this other side of Saki’s, Keisuke will eventually have to choose between protecting his innocent little sister and giving in to the temptation of the succubus. According to the Steam page, the game offers two endings, which are likely related to this choice.

The story is written by Tatsumi Hirowo, whose other works include The Voluptuous DEMON QUEEN and our Shoebox Apartment Life, My Life as a Cult Leader, and Iku Iku Succubus. Saki is voiced by Katakura Hina, who has also worked as Serafina Renatus in Kuroinu 2, and Hanakura Yurina in Spiral Dystopia.


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