Marco & The Galaxy Dragon is Coming to Switch Next Month; Demo Available Now

According to a new eShop listing, Marco & The Galaxy Dragon is coming to Nintendo Switch thanks to publisher HuneX. The TOKYOTOON-developed visual novel’s release on Switch is set for April 28, 2022 and preorders are open. A demo is also available for players who are curious about the title.

Marco & The Galaxy Dragon tells the story of a girl called Marco, who used to be a treasure hunter. However, one day she decides to put it all behind her to go looking for her mother alongside her dragon friend Arco. Now the two are headed to Earth, her mother’s home planet, with hope of finding out her whereabouts.

One specific aspect that sets it apart from other visual novels is its integration of the usually static visual novel moments with fully animated scenes in a cartoon style. It has around 1000 CGs, a really high number for the relatively short experience (around 7/8 hours) when compared to other games in the genre.

Keep in mind, however, that the eShop page mentions the Switch version will have some alterations from the PC version. We’re unsure what those changes will entail as Marco & The Galaxy Dragon was already considered an all-ages game in its original release so censorship seems unlikely.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the PC version of Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. It was highly regarded by Azario, who considered it one of his top five games of 2020.

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