Doujin JRPG ‘Marauder of Dystopia’ Coming West to PC Next Month

Shiravune announced they will publish the OneOne1-developed doujin JRPG Marauder of Dystopia: The Weakest Go to the Wall on PC via Steam and Johren on August 25, 2023.

The publisher has already confirmed that the Steam release will offer the all-ages version of the game, while the adult version will be available on Johren alongside a patch.

Marauder of Dystopia: The Weakest Go to the Wall tells the story of Hazuki, an assassin who fighters to free her captured lover and save the Omega Empire from the overlord. Sounds like nothing we haven’t heard before, but the tried and true setup of an adventure can’t be beaten.

The population at large live in fear of their Imperial overlords. However, a brave few have risen up to destroy the Empire—the resistance movement Ψ (Psi), headed by the renegade leader Edgar.

On the surface, they work as jacks-of-all-trades, helping citizens in need. Below the surface, the organization’s main activity is “purging”—that is to say, assassinating—Imperial officials and criminals alike. Anyone who brings suffering to the populace could be next.

One of the members of Ψ is a beautiful, dark-haired woman who hardly looks the part of an assassin. As a child, she was rescued by Edgar from being sold into a life of misery by slave traders; he then trained her in various assassination techniques and magic, giving her the deadly sword Oborozuki along with the techniques that she’ll need to survive.

Players will discover classic JRPG systems alongside multiple branching paths. Essentially, during dialog, you can control how Hasuki approaches missions, which may lead to some bad ends. Additionally, there’s an in-game walkthrough hint system to guide players to help the Omega Empire or fight against it.

The adult version of the game contains new after-story events that are not present in the Japanese release.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Marauder of Dystopia: The Weakest Go to the Wall in the West.

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