MapleStory Launches Pathfinder Update With Gameplay Overview Video

Nexon has released a new character class for their MMORPG MapleStory.

The update allows players to play as the Explorer Bowman class, Pathfinder, a bowman in possession of magical relics that gives unique abilities to players. This update will follow the conclusion of the Black Mage storyline where players will be able to explore the new Adventure island events, take on a new themed dungeon, and level up faster with new characters by using the Tera Buring Project.

Additionally, the developer released a new trailer where they detail the Pathfinder class by revealing the character’s cursed backstory. The trailer also gives players a chance to see the Pathfinder’s skills and flashy abilities that they’ll be able to use in combat.

Additionally, the update introduces the Tera Burning Project, where any character who reaches level 10 will be able to level up to three times faster than normal, which will get characters to level 200 in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, players will find balance and refinements to the games UI and existing characters. This update also increases meso drops in Reboot worlds as well as lowers quests requirement for the 5th Job advancement.

MapleStory is available now on PC.

You can watch the new Pathfinder update trailer below:

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