MapleStory Details Upcoming ‘Glory: Savior of Hope’ Part Two Content Update

Nexon announced that the new update “Glory: Savior of Hope” for their MMORPG MapleStory will launch on December 18.

Glory: Savior of Hope introduces the city of Cernium, which is in the middle of a large scale war. As the enemy advances, Prince Carlisle and the Maple Alliance request help from any who wish to save Cernium and bring peace back to the Maple World.

With the second part of the event comes a new Hoyoung Level-Up Event, which gives players the chance to obtain an Arcane Umbra weapon. There’s also a new revamped Global MapleStory exclusive storyline available to players.

Additional Glory events include:

  • New Glory Guard Missions – Missions will all provide chances to earn Glory, used to purchase exciting items in the Alliance Supply Depot.
  • Glory Guard Rank Event – Joining the Glory Guard to save Maple World from impending danger offers players opportunities to level up through the ranks from Sentinel, Guardian, Master, Commander, and finally, Justicar.
  • Alliance Supply Depot – Players can spend Glory Coins in this shop for members of the Glory Guard.
  • Camila’s Bakery Christmas Event – Through December 31, players can celebrate the holidays with a variety of Christmas-themed events such as mini-games and puzzles. Rewards include holiday-themed costumes and damage skins.

MapleStory is available now on PC.

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