MapleStory New Age Gets Mid-November Release Date; New Area & Changes to Reboot World

Nexon released a trailer for the next major update coming to MapleStory. Titlted MapleStory New Age, this update will be coming to PC on gradual waves, starting on November 15, 2023, and plans to add the long awaited 6th Job, a new area to explore, and several changes to the game’s Reboot world by the end of 2023.

The boundary between worlds is shrinking and nowhere is this more noticeable than on the tiny islands of Iden and Tisk. The frosty island of Iden and the sun-kissed isle of Tisk have collided to form a new land mass, but with one mysterious consequence: The divine blessing over Iden has faded. Explore Identisk Island in this limited-time event during the New Age update to seek out this blessing and earn a wealth of special rewards as you aid the local islanders as they struggle to make sense of their new home.

Of course, if you’ve been inactive for a long time, this is a great time to create a new character or advance an existing Lv. 200+ character, and gain 2 extra levels with every level-up with the upcoming Burning Campaign, which allows you to level up all the way Lv. 260, the required level for the 6th Job Advancement. The Burning World will also make a return, allowing you create Mega Burning characters and then World Leap to a regular word after the event concludes.

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Several improvements have been applied to the game for a better experience. The EXP curve from LV 210 to LV 299 has been reduced, allowing for an easier leveling experience. Furthermore, the amount of EXP obtained by completing the daily quests in the Arcane River will be increased, as well as the amount of Arcane and Sacred Symbols.

In addition, the starting level of some quests will be lowered, and the required Sacred Power to enter certain hunting grounds will be reduced. Furthermore, brand-new stages will be added to Monster Park Advanced from the Tenebris area: Labyrinth of Suffering and Limina, with the Intermediate area rated for characters Lv. 140-200, and Advanced will be rated for characters above Lv. 200. You can also get more EXP for clearing the Monster Park Extreme areas.

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Additionally, In the Reboot World, the health and EXP of monsters in hunting maps will be adjusted to match that of monsters in Bera, Scania, Aurora, Elysium, and Luna worlds. The increase/decrease of damage based on the level difference between the character and the monster. While these were originally set higher in Reboot world, but gradually over time, the hunting difficulty had become much easier in Reboot. This change is so that the level-up experience is similar across all worlds.

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And of course, the star of the update. The 6th Job Advancement will be implemented on November 28. Players can unlock even greater power to control the Transcendent energy, and acquire new abilities and tap into their true potential. The 6th Job Advancement will become available at Lv. 260, with the completion of the [Convergence] True Form quest.

Characters that advance to their 6th Job will be able to access the Hexa Matrix, where by activating the Hexa Nodes, players can learn the 6th Job skills, as well as power-up their 4th Job and 5th Job skills too. Furthermore, Hexa Stat Nodes can also be used for extra stat bonuses. In order to unlock said nodes, players must hunt monsters to earn Sol Erda Energy and collect Sol Erda Fragments, and use them to power the Hexa Matrix.

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We’ll be sure to keep you updated on more information regarding the New Age update. You can watch the trailer for it below:

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