Sea Creature Romance Visual Novel ‘Mamono Musume: Slime and Scylla’ Comes West to PC Later This Month

JAST USA announced that the Vanadis-developed sea creature romance Mamono Musume: Slime and Scylla will launch on PC-via the JAST Store on July 30, 2021.

Mamono Musume: Slime and Scylla is not your typical love story by any means. The romance tells the story of a human pirate who has just washed ashore on a small island. Standing above him when he awakens are two girls, Raimu Shi Sura and Rakisu Meitopasu. Raimu happens to be a slime monster girl who is sometimes shown as two characters, and Rakisu is an octopus.

Thankfully, the sight of these two girls wasn’t that much of a surprise since this is a world where monsters and humans live in peace. However, once the girls figure out that the main character is a pirate, they want a piece of the action as ask if he can teach them. It turns out that there is a treasure on the island where he’s arrived, but maybe love was the treasure he was looking for all along.

Mamono Musume: Slime and Scylla feature multiple endings with the two main heroine monster girls. During gameplay, players will interact with the two girls and teach them the ways of the pirate. This is an adult visual novel, so know what you’re getting yourself into.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Mamono Musume: Slime and Scylla in the west.

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