Mama Akuma Vol. 1 Review – Welcome Home Demon Mama

    Title: Mama Akuma Vol. 1
    Author: Kuzushiro
    Release Date: January 19, 2021
    Publisher: Yen Press

If you were granted any wish, what would yours be? In Kuzushiro’s new manga series Mama Akuma, we see what comes when a 4th grader does just that. Some exceptionally emotional and powerful themes develop in this early volume, but we mostly only see the foundation of what’s to come. On the other hand, there’s plenty of historical moments packed in this first volume.

Mama Akuma Vol. 1 2

In Mama Akuma Volume 1, upon summoning the demon Seere, Sakura Masuda makes one wish, asking him to become her mama. Even though he is used to slaughtering people and destroying cities as wishes, Seere, our handsome protagonist, has a naive understanding of current-world humans.

This ultimately makes him endearing as he approaches situations, unlike your typical clueless lead. Unafraid of any challenge, he accepts and takes on the role of mama in the comical narrative. From cooking to cleaning, Seere is just about ready to tackle anything to fulfill Sakura’s wish.

Mama Akuma Vol. 1 3

However, we don’t learn too much about Sakura in this volume, but we find out she is a happy but lonely girl who never had the experience of having a mom. Sakura’s mother passed after she was born, and seeing others experiencing daily life with their moms sets up this whole wish and story.

She has a dad who’s always working and a teen brother who wasn’t too thrilled to have a demon in the house. With new house rules set in place, getting Seere assimilated to society with no use of his magic is the primary source of enjoyment in this story. The interactions between Seere and humans are the bulk of the volume spotlights, which gives us a better understanding of his past and some of the things he’s done.

Mama Akuma Vol. 1 1

As for the art, each page and panel are presented in wonder illustrations that filled up each page. Facial expressions are drawn throughout each scene, clearly depict the mood and feeling that the characters are trying to portray. Further, I’m not sure if the illustrator was going for this, but the cast is exceptionally adorable and handsome.

There’s decent pacing in this volume, but it could be considered a little slow. Not much is uncovered, but it seems more of an introduction to the characters and their personalities, which is great for the first volume of the series. This manga can go in many directions with many firsts for this demon to experience, and it’ll be interesting to see where they decide to take the story.


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