Making Lovers After Stories Fandisk Coming West in August

NekoNyan has announced the western release of Making Lovers After Stories. The game is a fandisk of the Smee-developed visual novel Making Lovers and combines both volumes that were originally released in Japan separately as Geki Icha After Story Vol. 01 and Vol. 02. It’ll be available on PC via Steam on August 28, 2022.

Making Lovers is a story about a young man who had never had a girlfriend. One day, however, he has to deal with dating girls before he even knows them enough to feel something romantic. Getting out of his comfort zone, he’ll have to learn as he goes, enjoying the company of one of the main girls.

As the name implies, Making Lovers After Stories expands on the original title by showing some events that happen beyond the happy (and only) ending of their routes. It’s a material made for fans to enjoy more time with the cute girls seeing some of the random shenanigans they’re up to.

Karen’s new story seems to be related to pregnancy seen from another angle while Saki’s seems to revolve around postponing the wedding because of a hamster idol and an assassin. Reina’s story seems to be related to her getting deep into eroge zone while her boyfriend is far away, Mashiro’s has the protagonist acct like a baby after being teased by her, and Ako’s premise has his father become another Ako and compete for his love.

If you haven’t played Making Lovers yet, check out our review of the original game. You can also get a glimpse of the new game with the screenshots and it’s all crazy stuff:

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