Visual Novel ‘Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!’ Gets Christmas Release Date in the West on PC

JAST USA announced they will release the Minato Soft-developed visual novel Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! on PC-via the JAST USA store on December 25. The publisher also shared that the physical and Steam release will come at a later date.

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! is set in Kawakami City, which appears to be a normal Tokyo commuter town, complete with a train station and gentrified neighborhood. However, it’s actually a place where your samurai lineage determines your social status, friends, and future.

The story introduces Yamato and his six friends who have been on a few adventures together and even established a “secret base” where they could safely conduct business without worrying about outside drama. However, they weren’t always friends, and they aren’t all that similar, but it’s those differences that make them a stronger crew.

The group attends Kawakami Academy, a prestigious institution where martial arts skills are a part of everyday learning. There a lot of stress put onto training, and this year, two new members join the group, which introduces new conflicts, drama, and maybe even some romance.

This is the first game released from Minato Soft by JAST USA and will come in two different versions. Players can purchase the adults-only version from the JAST store or an all-age version from Steam. There will be a limited “Collecter’s Edition” physical release offered by J-List.

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