Point and Click Hacking Adventure ‘Mainlining’ Out Now on Switch

Now you can start hacking, not hacking and slashing, really, really hacking as Merge Games and Rebelephant’s point and click hacking adventure Mainlining is out now on Nintendo Switch for $14.99. Those who purchase the game between today, June 20 and July 4 will receive a 15% discount.

For the Switch version, there are two new features: A bespoke keyboard input system, along with touchscreen support.

Mainlining has you step into the challenging world of cybercrime, where one person that forgets to boot up network security software on the office computer can, well, be hit with viruses, get precious, confidential information taken, and so much more. Now, cybercrime is usually not what folks want to think about, but Mainlining makes it actually fun.

The game mixes dark and dry humor to keep you laughing and then continues to get your attention with its gripping narrative. Regardless of which case is taken on, you’re bound to get some serious brain blasts (Jimmy Neutron reference, anyone?).  Mainlining‘s story takes place following the government’s introduction of the BLU Pill Act and the Secret Intelligence Service’s reintroduction of MI7, all online personal data is accessible by the powers that be. Given that the game is all about cybercrime, all of your time with be spent on a simulated desktop of the protagonist’s computer.

As an MI7 operative, your primary objective is to gather a slew of evidence by hacking suspects’ computers and phones in order to facilitate their arrest, and to ensure that the courts have what they need to hand out the longest sentences possible. Not only will the courts be making decisions, however, as you’ll also have to make judgments on whether the case you’re working on is complete. This can make matters all the more difficult given that if you rush a case, you may miss vital leads, whereas if you act too slowly, the potential suspect that you’ve been eyeing may run off. With over five hundred criminals within your own jurisdiction, you’ll need to use your wit and investigate skills wisely.

Mainlining is the first title from Sam Read’s Rebelephant. To help bring Mainlining to life, Sam recruited some award-winning talent:

  • Jared Emerson-Johnson (musician whose work includes Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones and more)
  • Jill Murray (writer behind Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and most recently Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate)
  • Dave Grey (an extraordinary pixel artist whose previous collaborations include the likes of Microsoft and HBO)

Mainlining is also still available on PC via SteamHumble Bundle, and GOG for $9.99.

No need to hack into Merge Games’ or Rebelephants’ computers to find screenshots of the game, we got them right here:

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