Bullet Hell Adventure ‘Maiden & Spell’ Coming to Switch

Indie developer Mino_dev announced that their magical girl bullet hell adventure Maiden & Spell will launch on Nintendo Switch with help from publisher Nippon Ichi Software. While a specific release date was announced, the developer will share more details soon.

Maiden & Spell initially launched in February 2020 on PC-via Steam. The game tells the story of the most dangerous dungeon in the world known as The Great Circle. A group of young adventurers decides to travel in it in search of treasure. However, awaiting them are a few cute monsters, and an ancient city known as The Kingdom do Stars.

Players can choose from 8 maidens to play as, each having their own abilities and skills. The gameplay is 1 vs. 1, where players must navigate a field, avoid bullets, and defeat the enemy. The story mode features 70 different attack patterns that players have to overcome. Players can use their girl’s magical abilities to rain bullets at the enemy; each ability is activated with a simple button press.

Release timing and regions aren’t announced, but the game is currently available in English, so we’re assuming the Switch release will also have the localized text.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of Maiden & Spell on Switch.

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