Mahou Arms Preview – Intense Waifu Action

Now, I’m typically not one to jump the gun on anything, but after playing the Dischan Media-developed action game Mahou Arms, I really can’t contain my excitement. With the game in Early Access, I had the chance to go hands-on with the title to test out the two levels offered. What I discovered is that this is an action game that combines elements of NieR: Automata and Devil May Cry to create a fast experience that is incredibly satisfying.

Mahou Arms puts players in the role of Amelia Conway, a member of a group of magical girls name GARDA. They are tasked with destroying the alien threat that has invaded Earth, known as Locks. Amelia is full of magical power, which gives her the ability to summon an ax at will and switch between another form, which allows her to wield a pair of guns.

The Early Access offerings allow players to play through two levels and an extra level with a few encounters scattered across each of them. Sadly, there isn’t a boss encounter, but what players get the chance to experience is some incredibly flashy action sequences. Amelia’s attacks are tied to two buttons, combining them with a direction will execute various attacks. Additionally, the shooting mode and dodge action are linked to the shoulder buttons.

With those skills, players can realistically survive any encounter that they face, well, on normal difficulty at least. The game seems to know how to take it easy on you, as moving to greater difficulties really puts your skills to the test. Amelia is fast, but you have to respond to the handful of enemies around her. Dodging at the perfect time will execute a slowdown trigger that will give you just enough time to throw your ax at an enemy. Furthermore, switching to shooting mode and launching an enemy in the air to also dodge an oncoming attack is just another flashy way to avoid damage. Still, it’s not difficult to look cool in this game as the combo system does most of the work.

Mahou Arms 2

Let’s get one thing out of the way; Amelia is an absolute waifu. She’s strong, cool, and incredibly adorable. If that wasn’t enough, players get to stare at her panties at any given moment. However, the sexual aspects of the game didn’t seem to hinder my experience in a fight; I barely noticed them when I was trying to clear an area of enemies. In later updates, I’d like to see some type of customization in her fighting style as well as costumes. Supposedly there are dating elements to this game, but I didn’t see them in this build.

The environments are rather unique and extensive. Exploration will net you some healing rewards, but ultimately, I’d like to see what upgradable systems this game offers that ties into collecting materials. Furthermore, I’m curious to face off against more enemy types, since the Early Access version had about three. The game’s mission structure will also play a huge role to limit the repetitiveness of clearing rooms of enemies over and over again.

Mahou Arms 7

Mahou Arms took me by surprise, and I’m incredibly eager to follow this game through its development. If this is something that you’d be interested in, perhaps jump into the Early Access version and provide your feedback to the developer. As of right now, I’m liking everything this adventure is setting up. Honestly, if the action doesn’t get your heart racing, then the panties sure as hell will.

Mahou Arms is in development for PC with a planned 2022 release.

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