Maglam Lord Gets Steam Release Date Set for May

Maglam Lord Gets Steam Release Date Set for May

D3 Publisher announced they’ll release the Felistella-developed adventure JRPG Maglam Lord on PC via Steam on May 30, 2022.

The Steam release of Maglam Lord will largely be the same as the release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, which was released earlier this year. However, the game may see improvements to load times and framerate when compared to the Switch release which struggled in some areas.

Maglam Lord tells the story of a demon lord called Killizerk who had to fall into a deep slumber in order to avoid death during a great war against gods and other demon lords. Back in the day, the protagonist was shunned by many, having caused the deaths of lots of those powerful beings.

However, while this slumber should have restored the demon lord’s powers, they are still weak when they wake up. In the future, as a sort of endangered species, it’ll be up to the player to try to reclaim their former glory which will also revolve around creating unbreakable bonds with allies.

What this means is you have the chance to date them and grow into soulmates to save your species while also restoring your powers. Choose between the male or female versions of Killizerk and pick the right locations to enjoy some resting time with your partners.

Besides the dating, players also get to forge mystic blades imbued with your essence and fight in a hack-and-slash sidescroller experience. Crafting and upgrading weapons is an important aspect of the gameplay, with different styles to pick from and try to master. These include swords, spears, axes, and it’s even possible to make them look like weird stuff like an ice cream sword.

One thing to keep in mind is that the story is written by Kei Miyakozuki, who was the writer for multiple Summon Night games. The characters are designed by lack, who worked as the designer of Assassin Okada Izou and Saber Setanta on Fate/Grand Order, Ichimonji Norimune on Touken Ranbu, and some vtubers such as Makaino Ririmu.  Both male and female designs are really good to look at.

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