We Just Learned About the Magical Girl RPG ‘Magicami’ and Now Our Lives Are Complete

There are so many video game announcements and releases each day that sometimes cause us to overlook the finer titles coming west, one of which is Magicami. This magical girl RPG has been available in Japan for some time but is now available in the west via Johren and Nutaku.

Now, you may think, “Why is Azario making such a big deal about a game that he hasn’t played?” Well, I’ll tell you that the trailer has hyped me through the roof and I hate myself for not knowing about this game sooner.

Magicami is a free-to-play ROG featuring 12 different characters. Players will forge bonds with each of them, unlock new skills, and tough the girls…emotionally to save the Shibuya from demons. Okay, I’ll be honest, the adventure has h-scenes in it.

“Our team is extremely proud that Magicami is considered a key part of Johren’s introductory catalog,” says a representative of Studio MGCM, the developer behind Magicami. “We can’t wait to cultivate a new community on this platform and look forward to playing other games that will find a home on this exciting new ecosystem.”

Magicami takes place in Shibuya after demons have invaded the city. A black cat grants a group of 12 girls magical powers to fight back against the evil. Players assume the role of a young man tasked with leading the girls to victory.

Given the free-to-play structure, players can expect some gacha elements. The game is also available on mobile devices in some regions.

You can watch the trailer that won me over along with some screenshots below:


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