MAGES Director Announces Plans to Speed Up Localizations of Future Games

In an interview with the Japanese outlet Dengeki, MAGES Director Makoto Asada briefly discussed the company’s efforts to further expand its video game reach to the global market so that a broader audience can receive games sooner.

The full exchange has been translated and quoted below via our team’s Ryuji:

Makoto Asada: As a whole, MAGES. will be working on various things, not only adventure games but also full-priced works and low-priced ones. The biggest one is a title that will be released in the Summer, simultaneously worldwide on Steam and other platforms. We have been gradually expanding overseas but are finally ready to start moving forward.

Interviewer: MAGES’ titles are revered worldwide, so I feel that’s good news for overseas fans.

Makoto Asada: Adventure games have a lot of text, so translating and localizing them is very difficult. In anticipation of this, we have set an earlier deadline so that localization can commence the moment the scripts are finished, starting with titles planned to be released this Summer. I want to promote these not just in Japan but overseas as well.

Interviewer: Any particular motivations for wanting to expand into the overseas market?

We have been developing some of our titles overseas, but recently, the Famicom Detective Club games, which we worked on with Nintendo, were quite well received overseas and sold relatively well, which was one of the main triggers for expansion. 

This news is certainly quite exciting, so here’s hoping these efforts pan out and we start getting MAGES titles far faster than usual. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any significant MAGES development.

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