Mecha Action Game ‘M.A.S.S. Builder’ Gets Steam Early Access Release Date

Sekai Project announced that the Vermillion Digital developed mecha action game M.A.S.S. Builder will launch on Steam Early Access on September 13, this Friday.

After running a very successful Kickstarter campaign, M.A.S.S. Builder will enter early access to allow fans to play early versions for the game.

A statement from the developer reads:

We are going into Early Access as promised to our followers and backers, and we feel that the core game is already very functional and playable, the only lacking part is content. The game currently has its core features (customization and battle) almost completed and with our Demo we knew that our players are having fun for hours already with these two at the state, in which our Early Access build will update further and provide more of it.

With early access, we will be able to continue developing the contents for the game as well as receive great amount of feedback that will make the game become a better version of itself.

The team also adds that the game will stay in early access until the year 2021 considering the amount of content they intend to add to the game. There are 26 story missions planned for the final release of the game. The Early Access version of the game will include 6 story missions, optional missions, and new armor sets along with the customization option for mechas.

During M.A.S.S. Builder, players will be able to create their one mech and use it to fight off enemies. Throughout the game, players will gain new armor and weapons to build the mech of their dreams, along with customizing and fine-tuning small details in the mech’s design.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the game’s progress.

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