Puzzle Adventure ‘Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles’ Comes to Switch Later This Month

Puzzle Adventure ‘Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles’ Comes to Switch Later This Month

CFK announced that the Dotoris-developed puzzle adventure, Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles, will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 23, 2021.

Initially released on PC-via Steam in 2020, Lynn, The Girl Drawn tells the story of Lynn, who ventures inside of an oriental painting created by the Nine-tailed Fox. Players assume the role of Lynn as they must guide her through the maze to escape this world. Players will uncover more about this world and the Nine-tailed fox as she dives into a mythological and head-scratching adventure.

The gameplay has players playing through over 100 types of puzzle levels across 12 chapters. Players can quickly move between rooms without really controlling the character, making gameplay easier than a typical adventure game. The rules are straightforward, but the puzzles require thought and strategy.

As you interact with boxes, you can open up new paths and doors for Lynn to collect items and navigate the world. However, leading her down the wrong direction could force her to encounter an enemy, where she would need to begin the trial over.

The art reflects an oriental style, emphasizing the story put on the game as players solve the puzzles.

You can watch the Nintendo Switch teaser trailer below, but it doesn’t really show much of the game:

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