RPG ‘LYN: The Lightbringer’ Receives New Update Adding New Raid Bosses and More

Nexon announced a new content update for their mobile RPG LYN: The Lightbringer, which adds additional updates to Season Two, available now on iOS and Android devices.

This update adds additional difficulty levels to the Proud, Glaaki, and Kanhel Raid Bosses to give players a new layer of challenge. The three characters, Sheila, Rua, and Loki, can now also equip a traditional Korean outfit found at the in-game hope. The Full Moon Creation Event is also underway where players will receive a reward box after completing the event and the Altar of Advent has been changed to Verulian. Lastly, new improvements and bug fixes have also been added.

LYN: The Lightbringer invites players to Vestri where the Gods of Light and Darkness waged war. After 200 years of peace, Light has held onto their victory. However, new heroes have emerged in that time as a pillar of light erupted from a young girl and opened the heavens to which the gears of the conflict began to turn once more.

In case you missed it, check out the new features Season Two introduced as well as a quick look at the most recent update which adds bathing suits and new characters.

You can check out illustrations and the costumes below:

LYN The Lightbringer

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