Sandbox MMORPG ‘Lumia Saga’ Opens Pre-Registration in the West

Century Games announced that their sandbox MMORPG Lumia Saga has opened up pre-registration for iOS and Android devices in the west. With a planned release date for December 13.

Lumia Saga takes place in the world of Lumia where those who explore will meet large enemies and numerous trials. However, the game features highly customizable sandbox mechanics, which include hundreds of skins and costumes. I know that has nothing to do with fighting enemies, but the characters can go out looking cute as hell.

Lumia Saga has over 1,000 open field maps where players can explore in various modes including real-time PvP battles, co-op raids, and a variety of mini-games, such as dancing, fishing, and fighting in water gun battles.

Players can choose one of eight character classes, Knight, Swordsman, Guardian, Adjudicator, Mage, Warlock, Scholar, and Oracle. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can customize the facial expressions, features, and voices of their characters with over 300 unique skins. Collecting material in-game also unlock a variety of pets, mounts, and craftable equipment, each of which can be upgraded.

Pre-registering will new the player some rewards when the game launches including, gold, crystals, limited pets, a limited name title, a precious mount, and more once a specific milestone is met.

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