Adventure RPG ‘Lovebrush Chronicles’ Closed Beta Test to Take Place Tomorrow; Users Can Pre-Download Now

NetEase Games announced that they will host a Closed Beta Test for the adventure RPG Lovebrush Chronicles launching soon on mobile devices in the West.

The Lovebrush Chronicles closed beta test will take place from August 11 t 09:00 AM (UTC+8) through August 24 on Android devices. Players can now search the Google Play Store to download to jump in as soon as the Closed Beta Test is live.

New elements to gameplay for this test include:

  • As you progress through your artistic journey, you’ll unlock various activities, including Art Supplies, Aurora Theater, In Dreams, Mock Battle, and Pictura Memories.
  • You can now enjoy all 12 sections of the Academy Group Story, Ayn’s Story, Alkaid’s Story, Lars’ Story, and Clarence’s Story.
  • Once you complete Alkaid’s Story 2 and Ayn’s Story 2, you’ll be free to explore the campus at your leisure, find artistic inspiration, and gift paintings to others.
  • After you have completed Group Story 4, you can go on dates with your suitors. These will let you choose different locations to visit together, unlock Live 2D interactions, and hear intimate audio conversations on your special night.
  • Once Group Story 17 is finished, you can arrange your daily itinerary and select various activities to enjoy with your romantic partners.
  • You can increase your affinity with different characters, allowing you to unlock Q events, including Video Calls and Affinity Events. As you progress through the storyline, you’ll earn Commemorative Badges and journal entries to mark the occasion.
  • The in-game Lofter platform allows for sharing of artwork, interaction with characters, and affinity increase through selected replies. It functions like an internal social network!
  • Once you have reached Level 12 and completed either Alkaid’s Story 2 or Ayn’s Story 2, you can create Mini Puppet Theater shows and publish them online. Watch and like other players’ shows to earn rewards and unlock new Puppet Outfits!
  • After finishing the prologue, you will unlock the Chronicles menu to view Illustra Group Stories and additional tales about the game’s cast.
  • When the Gallery is unlocked, the first 20 sketches guarantee an SSR Illustra. On August 16th, the Shattered Cage Pool will be available, increasing the odds of obtaining a specific Illustra.
  • Lovebrush Chronicles also features an Achievements System, Codex System, Art Exhibition Promo, Shop System, Daily Quests, Sign-In System, Friend System, and an Assist System.
  • Players who top up during the closed beta test will be rewarded with up to 200% of their total recharge amount in diamonds in the official release. These diamonds will be credited to the first character established by the test account post-official launch.

We’ll keep you updated with the development and release of Lovebrush Chronicles.

You can watch the new promotional video below:

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