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    Title: Love Sweets
    Developer: Moonstone
    Release Date: October 28, 2021
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: MangaGamer
    Genre: Visual Novel

Love Sweets is a moege visual novel by developer Moonstone, whose previous works include Sakuranomori Dreamers, Princess Evangile, and Imouto Paradise. With a slice-of-life story filled with romance and comedy, cute times abound every step of the way. However, considering the developer’s previous titles, you can probably expect what’s offered here.

Love Sweets begins when Itsuki Futami discovers he’s a sad loner after all his friends got girlfriends. So now, he vows to overcome this unfortunate state by falling in line and getting a job, all in hopes that he can find love. His childhood friend, Yui Ichinose, suggests he starts working at one of the shops at which she’s a regular. The place is pretty famous among girls, which means he’s likely to have a chance.

The store is called Hot Chocolat, and it serves all sorts of sweets and accompanying drinks. Everyone working there is a girl except for the owner, giving the protagonist an extra chance to get close to the opposite sex. All the heroines are his coworkers, including Yui, who ends up joining well.

Love Sweets 1

The best part of Love Sweets is the chemistry between the characters. Though the narrative features many character tropes, it does a great job at making them feel believable and charismatic. In addition, they’re all cute girls whose personalities shine through during the interactions, making it a remarkable example of the genre.

First of all, we have Yui, who’s been friends with Itsuki since they were little kids and lives right around the corner. Their relationship is relatable, with both of them constantly bickering just like close friends usually do in real life. She has many hobbies and excels at anything that piques her interest. When the subject is the protagonist, Yui knows him so well he has a hard time hiding anything from her.

Love Sweets 2

Kanae Otonashi is a mysterious beauty known for being aloof and having an aura that makes her hard to approach. Out of all classes at school, she’s the top girl that everyone would love to date. However, people get the wrong impression, and her actual personality is a lot different as she’s a little awkward at interacting with others. Her biggest dream is to become a pâtissier, and she works hard for it.

Kushina Otonashi is an energetic kouhai whose upbeat personality is a little ray of sunshine. But, she can be a little random, and it’s easy to distract her. Friends with the protagonist’s little sister, she is actually into hero shows. But, when the time calls for it, she can be sensitive and helpful as well.

Minamo Enjou is a senpai who usually acts carefree but is quite good at her job. She has a bright disposition, and it’s rare not to see her smiling. As a sort of role model, she helps the protagonist learn the ropes of the job. She can be easily distracted, though.

Love Sweets 3

I know this may be expected, but there’s an additional route for Iori Futami, the protagonist’s younger sister. As their parents have always traveled frequently, the protagonist had to learn how to cook and take care of the house. Unfortunately, she ended up spoiled by her big brother, becoming an otaku with a big poker face who always talks in double entendres with her Nii-san.

While all the girls are cute and have their quirks, the protagonist is also a funny guy. The interactions between them are entertaining, even if it can feel like you’ve seen it all before somewhere else, as the title isn’t interested in bringing anything new to an already winning formula. There are some excellent illustrations here and tons of CGs with the cast, especially if you enjoy the curvier types.

Love Sweets 4

Love Sweets is a romantic comedy loaded with cuteness. It may not be particularly creative, but it understands exactly what players want from a good moege. With adorable love interests and memorable interactions, this is a great representative of what the genre is all about. If you just want to have fun, it’s definitely recommended.

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