Love of Kill Vol. 4 Review – Sticking the Pieces Together

Love of Kill Vol. 4 Review – Sticking the Pieces Together

I know of a rule where we only give a manga three volumes to catch our interest before moving on. A good reason for that is for series such as Love of Kill. The opening volumes lack any kind of character growth or pacing and instead leave us with an annoying protagonist and a lot of questions. However, I believe Love of Kill Vol. 4 brings it all together and proves that sticking with a series may deliver something memorable.

Love of Kill Vol. 4 1

Love of Kill Vol. 4 takes place after the cliffhanger ending. I’m really confused about the way Fe writes character arcs. For instance, it seems like he’s totally okay with killing certain characters, but others he is not. This volume is full of close calls and tense moments, but the previous volumes rarely gave you time to think before a character died.

Here, we actually get some exposition. Yes, the characters are finally talking, but a lot happens on a mental level for that to occur. Ryang-Ha Song is almost out of his element and going about things without a plan. His decisions are being made on the fly, which is interesting to watch play out. Chateau learns more about who she is, and we are left with plenty more to look forward to from these discoveries.

Love of Kill Vol. 4 3

This volume contained some of the best illustrations in the series. I believe that finally, we see some significant steps to the pacing of the panels to show exactly what the characters are doing. Further, even with the large amounts of dialogue, there are plenty of pages with text-less panels as events occur. It really heightens the intensity of some of the scenes.

Most surprising about this volume is how many new characters are introduced. Unfortunately, we don’t get too much information on who any of them are, but I think we can expect to be left in the dark by now. Instead of tying up loose ends, readers get the foundation of what Ryang-Ha Song will be up against in the following volume. I just enjoyed how this volume had so many moving parts, but everything was organized in a way that made sense.

Love of Kill Vol. 4 2

Love of Kill Vol. 4 has made keeping up with the series worth it. There’s still a level of randomness and fast transition that you’ll need to look past, but the pacing is much better. The reveal of a new antagonist creates more reason to continue, and the prospect of learning more about the past of the characters is still being drip-fed to readers. So here’s to Volume 5.

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