Love of Kill Vol. 3 Review – The Game Continues

Love of Kill Vol. 3 Review – The Game Continues

I’m actually surprised with the pacing of Love of Kill Vol. 3. This Volume is drastically different than the previous chapters as the connections are made that allow the characters to be better understood. However, the conclusion to a villain arc is mostly uneventful in this serialized release that differs from the original webcomic.

Love of Kill Vol. 3 3

Love of Kill Vol. 3 was supposed to be the arc that gave us the antagonist that we’ve all been waiting for. Sadly, the resolution between Ryang-Ha Song and Hou was resolved in a few panels. Further, all of the setup to kidnap and kill Chateau really did not affect the confrontation. In retrospect, she didn’t need him in the end, which made the entire chapter messy and uneventful. I would have preferred a longer build-up and perhaps someone to test Ryang-Ha Song’s skills, but that’s just not going to happen.

The remaining chapters of the Volume are a lot better. The pacing improves, and we get the chance to learn more about Chateau’s colleagues and her business. However, Ryang-Ha Song isn’t going to leave her alone, which plays into a much bigger confrontation at the end of the Volume. We’re left at a deadly cliffhanger and one that really twists the direction of this novel. It’s an important scene, but we’re not left with many clues as to what will happen as a result.

Love of Kill Vol. 3 2

Author Fe is much more careful about his characters in Love of Kill Vol. 3, and he uses this time to expand on the supporting cast. Ryang-Ha Song is also toned down a bit, and Chateau actually talks more to make their partnership a bit more believable. There were a few scenes where I’d expect some time of romance to occur, but that just doesn’t happen, which I’m glad for.

The few action scenes were brief in this Volume, but they were detailed enough to show what was happening. I enjoyed the several environments that this Volume takes us through, as they were far more detailed than the previous chapters. Further, the spotlight on the supporting cast and just their interactions together really make their operation easier to understand.

Love of Kill Vol. 3 1

Love of Kill Vol. 3 begins with a super-fast introduction and resolution to a confrontation that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Unfortunately, it’s so brief that I didn’t even have time to process the outcome. Some new developments stem from this, though, which makes me glad to have stuck by this series after its rocky first Volume. I’m now looking forward to how all of this resolves.

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