Love Lab Still Plans to Publish ‘The Humbling of a Holy Maiden’ and ‘Chinkamo Twins’ in the West

Love Lab has updated fans about two of their previously announced projects after over a year of silence about both titles’ localization.

The publisher sites that it’s been a difficult year, which we won’t argue against. Regardless, they have provided updates on two of their previously announced visual novels, The Humbling of a Holy Maiden and Chinkamo Twins.

The Humbling of a Holy Maiden is in the final stages of QA with the game’s release date to be announced soon. Further, Chinkamo Twins is entering its final stages of English localization and will follow up with Chinese translation.

The Humbling of a Holy Maiden is a kinetic visual novel, well, more of a nukige, which is rather short. The story builds a narrative around the Tree of Life that is dead, and the Kingdom’s holy maiden is looking to get into some trouble. This eagerness for love takes her down an unrighteous path and one that players find themselves right in the pathway of. The game is rather philosophical in its delivery and mostly features interactions with royal girls.

Chinkamo Twins tells the story of a boy with two sisters who are failing their classes. He is a teacher at their university so he takes it upon himself to help them out. However, it doesn’t seem like they want to learn at all. So he works out a deal where he is nice to them in exchange for their undivided attention. This ends up causing some issues when they develop feelings for their teacher-brother and begin to fight over him.

Chinkamo Twins follows the relationship of the sisters and their brother in an over-the-top and comedic way. Both sisters are different in personality and players will be able to spend time with both of them.

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