Yuri VN/Dating Sim ‘Love In a Bottle’ Reveals 2024 Release Date

Studio Élan has revealed the release date for Love In a Bottle. Their upcoming yuri game that mixes visual novel, point-and-click and dating sim will be available on PC (Steam) on February 14, 2024 in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Love in a Bottle tells the story of a love demon called Ankora, who also happens to be a bit of a pervert. Tired of living in the shadows of her siblings, she decides to get an apartment in an underwater vivarium. However, she’ll need to prove her capacity to live alone quickly while also enjoying the time to show the hot single women in the area that she’s available.

Four candidates in particular will be available for her to try to woo. One of them is the ageless goddess Bastyllias who lost most of her power once the faith in her crumbled. Another is the siren Clymene, who just can’t trust humans and despise them a lot, giving constant reminders of that disguised as sweet words.

There’s also the ghost girl called Guinevere, who comes from the typical refined lady background but happens to have quite the mischievous spirit and drops all composure in competitions. And last but not least, we have the lycanthrope Sandy, whose harsh demeanor and undomesticated behavior only hide her shy nature.

Players get to explore town looking for new story events, and also change Ankora’s outfit and hairstyle. It’ll also be possible to text the characters to get a few unique conversations. The game’s original soundtrack is composed by Hazel. There are over 30 CGs and an 18+ patch will also be available.

Check out the new Love in a Bottle trailer below:

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