Ghostly Adventure Visual Novel ‘Love Flute’ Launches on PC in the West

Talesshop announced that they have added a patch to their visual novel adventure Love Flute that adds English text to the Steam release.

This update allows western players to play the team’s newest game that was released in Korea earlier this month.

Love Flute features adventure gameplay segments with a story of rising to fame, earning money, and hanging out with friends. The game features voice audio for the heroines during dialogue as players learn more about the ghost friend.

Oh, I might have forgotten to mention, the story revolves around a pianist trying to make it big, and is then visited by the “ghastly maiden of the campus.” Evidently, she comes with a proposition that she will help the protagonist by joining the band and playing her flute. That’s not a metaphor for h-content either.

During gameplay, players will have to earn funds by completing missions and taking on various tasks. This will allow them to purchase new furniture for their room and buy new instruments for the band. The story is lighthearted but a tragedy in some ways. I mean, the girl is trying to fulfill her mysterious “Han,” and I have no idea what that means, but neither does the protagonist. I can only assume she’ll leave, which is sad.

Anyway, the game is available now and you can check out some screenshots below:

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