Love After World Domination Vol. 1 Review – Enemies and Lovers

    Title: Love After World Domination Vol. 1
    Author: Hiroshi Noda, Takahiro Wakamatsu
    Release Date: October 5, 2021
    Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 is a hilarious romance story focused on a hero and a villainess who decide to get together. As the two groups are still at each other throats, their forbidden relationship leads to weird situations that are very fun to read.

Imagine a tokusatsu world where a group of heroes fights against villains whose plans revolve around world domination. On one side, there’s the heroic force Gelato 5, whose leader is Red Gelato, otherwise known as Fudo Aikawa. However, he falls in love with the Reaper Princess, Desumi Magahara, who’s part of the Gekko secret organization.

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 1

Even though they are on opposite sides, they decide to date each other. However, that means they’ll have to work hard to hide it all behind the façade of enmity. Big battles become chances for them to meet again, with the two trying to get some alone time whenever possible.

Neither of them has experience in the ways of romance, but for different reasons. The volume does a great job at fleshing out their personalities while explaining that. For example, Fudo is a gym rat who never thinks of anything else. On the other hand, Desumi is a cute and feminine girl, but people hardly notice it because of her job as the Reaper.

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 2

The volume then explores many situations and manages to make them all hilarious. Instead of just overusing the gag until the story gets stale, it feels like they’re evolving as a couple. Not falling for this trap so common for comedy stories is hard, but the manga nails the sense of progress.

By the end of the volume, there’s a big cliffhanger that hints things might escalate even further soon. I’m honestly eager to see how things will go. Keeping their relationship secret will be challenging, but there’s also the element of how other people will react to finding out.

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 3

There’s also an extra chapter shown from the perspective of Desumi’s cat, Hellko. This omake gives us a better look into how being in love has allowed her owner to find more enjoyment in life. It’s also a great example of how the story has managed to work its magic with the characters.

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 is a whacky manga, a silly parody of hero stories, and somehow a heartfelt romance on top of it all. In barely a single volume, I’m already attached to the couple and wishing the best to them. It’s easy to see how much being in love with each other impacts their lives.

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 4

Besides the exaggerated expressions that are traditional in comedy manga, there are also some battles here and there. It’s interesting to see how the world is very similar to ours as well. There are silly villain lairs and people wearing costumes fighting for evil or justice, but they’re also just people with their daily lives. And an evil bear with powerful cannons.

Love After World Domination Vol. 1 is a manga that manages to be the fun kind of silly. And at the same time, its characters and situations are compelling, always moving forward in significant ways instead of stalling. I’m honestly eager to see how this love story will unfold.


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