Lost Soul Aside Story and Gameplay Trailer Has Us Drooling for More

Lost Soul Aside Story and Gameplay Trailer Has Us Drooling for More

During PlayStation China Press Conference, China Hero Project did not hold back from showing off a new trailer from their Ultizero developed action RPG Lost Soul Aside, in development for PlayStation 4.

Labeled as “Work in Progress”, the new Lost Soul Aside trailer treats us to some dialog between Kazer and his dragon companion, Arena. What’s more surprising is that the dialog is in English and it seems like Kazer and Arena act as both the teacher and student to various circumstances, a good balance in the making.

Additionally, we hear a new female character who sounds like she wants control of not only Kazer but Arena as well. What follows presents some of the more action-focused fights that scream inspiration from games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, but with the appeal and style of high budget RPG. Also shown are a few new enemies and villains that we will get more details on sooner or later, but let’s get back to talking about the gameplay.

Kazer doesn’t look like a character who lets anything or anyone stand in the way of his quest. Haunted by nightmares of past, his soul has fused with Arena and…well actually it gets pretty vague about what their story is after that, but we are practically begging for more information.

News for Lost Soul Aside is coming at a steady pace, with the initial development of the game having being worked on by one person, Bing Yang, and then acquiring a team of 10 others with the help of Sony’s China Hero Project, I would say updates are coming out quicker than I would have assumed. However, I’m on board with anything the team wants to share.

Look at me ramble on and on, please find the gameplay trailer below:

Author’s take: I’ve played Lost Soul Aside several times at different events and I can say that it’s one of those games that you just don’t want to put down. Watching the video now, all I want to do get my hands on the latest build and escape back into the world that this team has created.

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