Lost Soul Aside May Have Canceled Its PS4 Version

Following the latest trailer for the Ultizero-developed action game Lost Soul Aside, it seems that initial plans for a PlayStation 4 version have been canceled. The description of the latest video states that the game is only in development for PlayStation 5 and PC.

There is no mention of the game’s PlayStation 4 version in the trailer or description, so it’s very possible that those initial plans have fallen through. Personally, this is pretty exciting since there won’t be compromises made to have the game better suit an older platform. Hopefully, solid confirmation on this apparent cancellation is shared soon.

Lost Soul Aside details the adventure of Kazer and his dragon companion, Arena. Kazer and Arena act as both the teacher and student, respectively, in various circumstances as they head out on their adventure. The game will feature English audio as well as unrevealed new characters to come.

The gameplay is action-focused and screams inspiration from games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden but with the appeal and style of a high-budget RPG. The game features numerous enemies and large bosses that the player will need to utilize Kazer’s abilities and skills to get through.

In case you were wondering, China Hero Project aims to see each of these titles come West.

You can view the latest Lost Soul Aside trailer below:

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