2D Action Game ‘Lost Ruins’ Gets PC Release Date in the West

Dangen Entertainment announced they will publish the Altari Games-developed 2D anime-inspired survival action game, Lost Ruins on PC on May 13, 2021, for $19.99.

Lost Ruins has players assume the role of a girl who wakes up in a dungeon without memories. However, she needs to come to terms with her situation fast because monsters are all around her. A magician named Beatrice comes to her aid, and this is where the adventure truly begins.

Lost Ruins features real-time combat where players can utilize melee and magical abilities to take down enemies. It’s also possible to deflect projectiles and dodge from attacks while equipped with medieval weaponry.

“Lost Ruins may seem like a simple platformer, but it has many elements that interact with the environment and affect gameplay,” says Altar Games’ lead developer, Park Jin-Hong. “The first boss, for example, is in the water. You can do damage to the boss in various ways, such as releasing a poison bomb in the water and using an item to protect yourself. Or, you can wear a swimsuit item that protects you from electricity in water and shock the boss for huge damage. If you are confident in your skill, you can take her down with basic weapons. Or, you can avoid close contact with bows and magic.”

Spells are elemental based, which allows you to take advantage of the environment. Electrocuting the water will add damage, or freezing it will slow enemies down. Other equipment in the game provides different passive abilities such as protection again an element or healing while in water.

In 2020, Lost Ruins ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $45,000. “When we were looking for a publisher, Dangen Entertainment was the one that caught our eye because they publish international games through high-quality localization, and that’s what we wanted to do for Lost Ruins. They have been great to work with and have respected our opinions and schedule throughout the development. We are big fans of anime and wanted to make a game that anime fans with similar tastes around the world can enjoy,” says Park.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

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