Lost Judgment- The Kaito Files Lays Down the Law With Two Stylish Gameplay Trailers

SEGA and Ryu ga Gotoku Studios have released two new trailers for the upcoming Lost Judgment DLC, The Kaito Files, which each take a look at one of Kaito’s fighting styles in the expansion.

The first trailer gives us a look at Kaito’s Tank Style, a defensive stance that uses the items around Kaito to subdue enemies while withstanding a fair amount of damage.

The second trailer shows off Kaito’s Bruiser Style; the more offense-focused of the two. Bruiser lets Kaito evade enemy attacks and follow-up with a crippling gut-punch.

By using these two styles with fluidity, players will be able to take down any foes that dare cross Kaito’s path. Swapping between styles is nothing new for seasoned Yakuza and Judgment players, but it’s nice to see the different styles in this DLC pack get showcased prior to launch.

If you’re interested in The Kaito Files but haven’t played Lost Judgment, check out our full written review on the base game, where we said “Lost Judgment is yet another home run for RGG Studio. It boasts an engaging, jaw-dropping narrative with emotional mysteries connected within an immense web of interconnected conspiracies. Additionally, the game’s bold nature in tackling darker themes that can sharply resonate with young adult audiences is remarkably well done.”

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Spencer Legacy

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