Lost Judgment Will Feature Skateboard Traversal Around the City of Yokohama

During the Judgment Day presentation, it was revealed that Yagami will be able to flex his skateboarding skills a little more in Lost Judgment.

The gameplay overview showed Yagami not only doing a trick off of a quarter pipe (he does a 720). Further, we see him pulling the board out of his pocket and pushing through the streets. This is a rather exciting feature given that Yagami has already proven he knows how to skateboard after a chase scene in Judgment.

This faster means of traversal will get players around the city faster, but we aren’t sure if players can still get into fights, which happen at random. Traversal has been enhanced in this version and there might be additional means of traversing the city.

Lost Judgement is the newest entry in the detective series that stars detective Takayuki Yagami as he takes on a new case full of new challenges and ways to show off his skills of deduction, infiltration, and fighting.

You can watch the event below:

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