Lost Judgment Reveals Extensive Digital Content Roadmap; Exclusive Fighting Style, Playable Kaito, and More

Sega and developer RGG Studio have announced the digital exclusive content players can expect from the upcoming Lost Judgment. Players who purchase the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the game will receive the following content during their respective release times.

  1. Firstly is the Quick-Start Support Pack, which comes with any digital pre-order, regardless of the chosen edition. At launch, players will receive the Wayfarers Lucky Cat as a cosmetic item for Yagami’s office, increasing earned currency dependent on travel distance. In addition, Staminan Spark healing items and 3 Extract recipes for rapid-attacking, fire-infused strikes, and throwable energy balls will also be included.
  2. The Detective’s Essentials Pack is exclusive to purchasers of the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate editions at launch. 4 Sega Master System games will be added to Yagami’s office, and 3 new colors for the Shiba Inu partner will be selectable. 6 Extract recipes adding even more buffs to Yagami will be present, too, alongside the opportunity to battle Shin Amon in the Special Gauntlet challenge mode. The Hover Drive hoverboard can be used in a new skate park that houses new dateable women.
  3. Available on October 26, 2021, for purchasers of the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate editions is the School Stories Expansion Pack. The most notable addition in this DLC is the exclusive Boxing fighting style added to Yagami’s repertoire. There are also many school-centric add-ons like a new motorcycle, a new robot in the Robotics Club, and a new costume for the Dance Team.
  4. Lastly, purchasers of the Ultimate edition can experience The Kaito Files Story Expansion, where players can control a playable Kaito in his own storyline featuring his own fighting style. This mode will be added in Spring 2022.

Lost Judgment is the newest entry in this series, and this time players can explore new sides of the open-world, including a high school.

Combat has been enhanced from the original title, with the “Crane” and “Tiger” styles making a return. A new fighting style called “Snake” has been added to the game, which turns enemy attacks back at them. There are School Stories in the priorly mentioned high school that act as a contrast to the seriousness of the main narrative. During these stories, Yagami participates in activities with the students, such as minigames.

Lost Judgment is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on September 24, 2021. Purchasers of the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate editions can enjoy Early Access to this title on September 21, 2021.

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