Action RPG ‘Lost Epic’ Receives Update Concluding Story; Various Gameplay Fixes & Additions

During today’s Indie Live Expo event, the action RPG Lost Epic was announced to have been updated to version 1.3.0, adding a slew of new content, including the final area, The Abyss. This serves to complete the title’s storyline. Further, more weapons can be transcended, enhancing player variety all the more.

A summated list of this update’s contents can be viewed below. For a more intricate listing, view the game’s Steam news page.

  • Story up to the ending implemented
  • Additional area The Abyss
  • Equipment
  • Tidings
  • Divine Skill
  • Quests that can be ordered from NPCs
  • Enhanced parry
  • Changed so that the status menu always opens when the menu is opened.
  • Swapped the item and material menus
  • Fixed various menu bugs
  • Achievements have been added
  • Added materials and weapons to the journal
  • Minor adjustments and bug fixes

Additionally, the title is currently on sale to commemorate the update, being 25% off until May 27, 2022.

Lost Epic blends hack-and-slash and RPG genres elements to create a rich experience. During gameplay, players will find various upgradeable weapons with a deep level of stat customization for characters. Additionally, players are meant to summon others from online to help them using an item known as Shroud of Mist. This allows two explorers the chance to spawn to a chosen area and assist the main character in exchange for Anima that strengthens equipment, and Tamahagane that can further power skills.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

You can view the live stream where this announcement occurred below:

The dedicated announcement trailer for the recent Lost Epic update can be viewed below:

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