2D Action RPG ‘Lost Epic’ to Receive Full Release Later This Year in New Gameplay Trailer

Team Earth Wars announced that their 2D action RPG Lost Epic will receive a full release in Q4 2021, the game is available now on PC-via Steam Early Access.

Before launch, the developers are planning a major update for the Early Access version including the final two worlds at launch. However, right now players can utilize new tools like the Shield Gauntlet, a glove that transforms into a shield that can reduce incoming damage or reflect enemy attacks without losing stamina.

Equip the new Wand weapon type, which has high Magic stats, and can learn the brand-new Divine Skills and one-handed sword skills. Buy new weapons from the Underworld’s Dark Merchant using anima earned from bosses and selected targets, or fight him and steal his possessions, but beware the consequences.

“Thanks to everyone who supported us so far, your feedback helped make this update improve the game, and we look forward to what everyone thinks of the two new worlds,” said Team Earth Wars. “And for every one new, now is the perfect time to start playing with the Steam discount ahead of our full game launch later this year!”

Lost Epic blends elements of hack-and-slash and RPG genres to create a rich experience for players. During gameplay, players will find various upgradeable weapons with a deep level of stat customization for characters. Players are meant to summon others from online to help them using an item known as Shroud of Mist. This allows two explorers the chance to spawn to a chosen area and assist the main character in exchange for Anima that strengthens equipment, and Tamahagane that can further power skills.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

You can watch the update trailer below:

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