Lorena and the Land of Ruins’ Western Release Will Not Feature Adult Content at the Request of the Developer; 18+ Japanese Version to Also Be Removed

NekonNyan updated their blog to let players know about the western release of the Shimenawan-developed third-person shooter Lorena and the Land of Ruins.

The publisher shared via a blog post:

Due to concerns from the developers regarding the content of the 18+ version they have requested that we not release the 18+ standalone version or an 18+ patch for the Steam version in any form, be it official or unofficial.

Further, it seems the developer as a whole will be stepping away from adult content internally as the publisher shares:

They will simultaneously also be taking down the 18+ version of the Japanese version as well and will not be producing adult content in the future.

To abide by the requests of the developer, the publisher will remove the adult content in the West. The game will be an all-ages release. It should also be mentioned that the “made up a very small portion of the game, and the gameplay aspects are not affected.”

Developed by a one-man developer called Shimenwa, Lorena and the Land of Ruins takes the titular girl in a journey to get treasures from ruins. Her sister is ill with a rare disease and needs an expensive medicine. Their parents died when Lorena was still a kid, so it’s up to the girl to look for any way to earn enough money and save her sister.

Looking into the ruins was an idea from the eccentric scientist Xeera. She’s researching an ancient relic that is said to have flown in the sky once upon a time: the Divine Dragon. With Lorena’s help, Xeera will look into the hidden secrets of the relics and help Lorena with the medicine.

Lorena and the Land of Ruins is coming to PC via Steam.

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