Lords of the Fallen Launches “Critical” Xbox Series X|S Update Fixing Bugs & Improving Performance

Hexworks and CI Games Studio have announced that their action RPG Lords of the Fallen has received a significant Xbox Series X|S patch addressing stability and performance.

The following message was shared:

“We are happy to announce that a new patch has been rolled out to Xbox Series X|S consoles. Please reboot your Xbox to initiate the update.

We’ve worked dilligently with Xbox to expedite the roll out of the update, which features critical performance improvements and bug fixes.

We would like to thank Xbox players for their patience while the patch was being developed, and we hope you enjoy your time exploring the vast dual-realms of Mournstead.”

This news follows the companies’ previous announcement of the Xbox version of Lords of the Fallen requiring extra time to be brought to parity with the PlayStation 5 and PC releases.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.

Lords of the Fallen presents an expansive RPG adventure set in a vast, interconnected world that dwarfs the size of the original game by more than five times.

The storyline unfolds in a world once plagued by the oppressive rule of the demon God, Adyr, who was eventually defeated. However, the resurgence of Adyr looms in the distant future. Players assume the role of Dark Crusaders and embark on a journey through both the realms of the living and the dead. This epic RPG experience features monumental boss battles, challenging combat scenarios, intriguing character interactions, and a rich narrative that immerses players in a choice between light and darkness.

Within this journey, players transition between the world of the living and the realm of the dead, facing various hellish creatures. They begin by customizing their character’s appearance from a wide selection of visual options and choosing from nine character classes. Regardless of their starting point, players can develop their character according to their preferred playstyle by enhancing stats, weapons, armor, and spells.

The single-player campaign offers a vast experience for solo players, but those seeking companionship can invite a second player to join in seamless online co-op. However, it’s essential to remain vigilant, as heroes from other realms may attempt to invade the adventure.

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