Yuri Magical Girl Mystery ‘Lock and Key’ Demo Will Be Available Next Week

Yuri Magical Girl Mystery ‘Lock and Key’ Demo Will Be Available Next Week

Studio Élan has announced the date for the upcoming Lock and Key demo. Though it’s already available for people who subscribe to their Patreon, the demo will be released for the general public on Steam and itch.io on July 8, 2022. Studio Élan plans to release the full version of the magical girl mystery visual novel by 2023, though a more specific date has yet to be unveiled.

Lock and Key tells the story of Sherri and Kealey Cohen, two women who used to be magical girls and left that life behind after marriage. However, when everything seemed to be heading into the couple having a normal life, mysterious murders force them into going back to their old job.

By investigating the case, past, present and future will be connected. Sherri and Kealey won’t be alone in the adventure, having the help of their old friend Nina and the newbie magical girl Ruby in their investigations. Depending on the player’s choices, different paths and endings will be unlocked, affecting the fates of all these girls.

While Sherri is very logical and tough, she hides a soft side that only Kealey can see. Meanwhile, Kealey may look like a common girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and is having the best time of her life with her wife, but she used to be the mischievous type as a shapeshifting magical girl. The other girls, pop celebrity Nina and edgy teenager Ruby, also have their own issues to deal with.

Lock and Key is illustrated by milkgrrl and its original soundtrack is composed by Sarah Mancuso. Besides the points mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind the story has the theme “what does it mean to be a magical girl?”. What this probably means is that it evaluates how their existence would impact reality as we know it, but it may also have more personal implications to all the main girls.

We’ll keep you updated on Lock and Key news as well as the other upcoming Studio Élan titles.

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