Romance Visual Novel ‘Loca-Love My Commuting Crush’ Delisted From Steam

It seems fans awaiting the latest visual novel release from the Loca-Love series might be met with some delays as the sequel Loca-Love My Commuting Crush has been delisted from Steam.

We reached out to developer Frontwing for comment, but given that they are attending Comiket 96, we are sure their reply will be late.

Loca-Love My Commuting Crush was meant to release in August, but this delisting might cause the game delays unless the developer adds the game to other online storefronts. However, the problem there is visibility and for some developers, the visibility of the Steam store is enough to warrant a delay until things are worked.

Loca-Love My Commuting Crush tells the story of the main protagonist Aoi Ichitaro as he finds himself sharing an hour-long train commute with the lovely Aritagawa Nio. Over time, the two become closer and the sigh “tracks of their lives begin to converge”.

Loca-Love is a kinetic visual novel with art by nanaca mai, who has previously worked on Corona Blossom and the Grisaia series. The story is written by Hozumi Kei, who focuses on developing stories of emotional romance. During Loca-Love My Commuting Crush, Aoi’s typical ten-minute commute is ruined by a domestic disaster which leaves him to have travel on a detour train that takes an hour each way. While this might seem annoying at first, he ends up meeting Nio, a cool and aloof girl who just so happens to be one of the best-looking girls in the class.

In case you missed it, you can check out our review of the first entry in the series, Loca-Love My Cute Roommate.

We will be sure to update the story as we know more.

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