Adventure RPG ‘Liz: The Tower and the Grimoire’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

Kagura Games announced that the Clymenia-developed adventure RPG Liz: The Tower and the Grimoire will release on PC-via Steam on February 13.

Liz: The Tower and the Grimoire tells the story of Liz and her mentor Aisha, who are each talented witches. Still, a thief manages to steal a powerful tome from them known as the “grimoire of Darkness.” During their pursuit of the man, they find themselves in a town called Bramach. Aisha tells Liz to stay back and enters alone. However, Liz ends up entering the town anyway.

Gameplay features classic RPG mechanics, which means that the game was made using RPG Maker tools, but the character illustrations look nice as players make their through the narrative. There is also a crafting system and turn-based combat. Characters also level up and gain skills throughout the game.

The game does feature adult scenes, however, the Steam version of the game will contain the all-ages version. The adult version will be available as well but via a patch or alternative online store.

Liz: The Tower and the Grimoire will release on Valentine’s Day, which is one way to spend the holiday.

You can check out some screenshots of Liz: The Tower and the Grimoire below:

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