Little Witch Nobeta Console Patch Adds Boss Rush Mode and Story Scenes; Paid Costume DLC Now Available

Idea Factory International announced that the Pupuya Games-developed action title Little Witch Nobeta has been updated to version 1.1.2 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This update allows players to access the Trail Tower mode, which acts as a boss rush mode to test your skills. Further, those who get through the challenges will unlock new skins alongside witnessing new story scenes between the characters. It appears the costumes are the same for each console.

The four unlockable skins are:

  • Bishop
  • Rook
  • Queen
  • Little Black Cat

The publisher also posted three paid DLC skins for $6.99 each:

  • Dragon Princess
  • Knitted Uniform
  • Land Mine Girl

Little Witch Nobeta follows the little witch Nobeta, who arrives at an ancient castle to figure out where she comes from. During her adventure, she meets a black cat who teaches magical spells and abilities to prepare her for the enemies that she’s bound to meet. The castle holds many secrets that intertwine with her goals.

The castle is full of monsters and bosses. During gameplay, players will need to become stronger, but by defeating enemies, they’ll collect Soul Essences to use for upgrades. The bosses, known as Crafted Souls, are challenging and require some strategy to take down. Paths through the castle are sometimes blocked, and players are required to solve puzzles to unlock new areas.

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You can check out the costume screenshots below:

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