Roguelite Action Game ‘Little Noah: Scion of Paradise’ Launches on PS4, Switch, and PC

Cygames released Little Noah: Scion of Paradise on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam today.

The publisher confirmed that two additional DLC packs, containing tie-in items from “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” and “Umamusume: Pretty Derby” is also planned for release.

During Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, players assume the role of Noah, a self-proclaimed genius alchemist, along with her cat partner, Zipper, on a journey through ancient ruins full of secrets.

The game is a roguelite with action elements where players can create unique attack combinations with over 40 different recruitable allies. Throughout the dungeons, allies known as Lilliputs can be recruited and added to your attack lineup to unleash devastating combinations against foes.

The randomly generated dungeons are constantly in flux, providing a different experience with every expedition. As you advance deeper into the ruins, you’ll encounter epic boss battles—it’s up to your own strength and the Lilliputs you’ve recruited so far to take them down. If Noah gets knocked out in the dungeons, any Lilliputs and accessories picked up will be converted to mana, which can be
used to repair your airship and further strengthen your abilities.

You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

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