New Little Goody Two Shoes Update Lets Players Skip Cutscenes

New Little Goody Two Shoes Update Lets Players Skip Cutscenes

Developer AstralShift has announced that their horror adventure Little Goody Two Shoes has been updated to version 1.1.2, implementing several fixes and improvements.

One of the most significant improvements is the option to skip all cutscenes.

You can view the full quoted patch notes of Little Goody Two Shoes below:


  • Improved visibility for the Tender Flesh quest chain by reducing the number of quests and adjusting NPC placement.
  • Fixed an issue with Freya’s eye animation being inverted on several facial expressions.
  • Changed “Demon” to “Ozzy” in the credits sections (short horizontal scroll and title screen menu).
  • Added sound effects to accompany navigation on the settings menu, which was previously silent.
  • Fixed an issue where framerate influenced the speed of Kiss the Rat, making the minigame exploitable. Adjusted Kiss the Rat’s score intervals to match with the new system.
  • Players are now able to purchase matches from the Bakery Shop.
  • Populated the world map with more recovery and sellable items for players to find.
  • Populate the Woodlands sections with sanity recovery items (Grape Juice) to offset some of the loss received from interacting with Golden Maidens.
  • Players are now able to purchase Bread from the Inn Shop on the day of St. Walpurga’s Festival.
  • Improved formatting of the lyrics on Elise and Rozenmarine’s character cinematics (Ruby Slippers Mirage, Wild and Wandering Thistle).
  • Expanded the area of interaction with Elise’s window. This should make the windows’ flavour text much easier to interact with, and improve the feeling of the controls.
  • Changed the wording of Muffy’s request from ‘Soup’ to ‘Hearty Soup’ on Thursday.
  • Fixed an issue where Muffy’s bribe opened directly on an item choice by default, causing players to accidentally give Muffy an incorrect item. Instead, Muffy’s bribe now defaults to the item menu itself, allowing players to navigate to the desired item.
  • Add ‘Skippable Cutscenes’ option to the Settings menu. This option enables skip for all cutscenes and dialogues, including those that are set to be unskippable by default.
  • Apple Strudel is now available to purchase from the Inn Shop starting on Thursday. Previously it was only available on Friday.
  • Remove the ‘Skip Cutscene’ text that is always visible during the Granny Holle intro cinematic.
  • Fixed FPS drop experienced on the title screen’s credits list.
  • Fixed an issue where Rozenmarine would show up in two different maps at the same time (if her Love – Event is available) during Tuesday Morning.
  • Fixed an issue where status HUD effects (including sound effects) overlapped with the Ending Cards.
  • Fixed an issue where status HUD effects (including sound effects) overlapped with the Demon’s Parade sequences.
  • Fixed text formatting issues found in the final rolling credits sequence.
  • Fixed a reported issue where the game softlocks if the player tries to interact with the Golden Maiden in the Church Hall from behind the center table on Thursday Evening.
  • Fixed an issue where doing the Kiss the Rat minigame in the Village Inn map on Wednesday Afternoon would lock Elise behind two NPCs after spawning back at Dusk.
  • Lowered intensity of sanity HUD effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the food consumption was not being displayed properly before interacting with Rozenmarine/Freya/Lebkuchen on Saint Walpurga’s Festival.
  • Adjusted the Steam backend options in order to fix an issue where Steam Cloud Saves got overwritten or deleted.
  • Goals related to the caves’ side quest are no longer permanently displayed in the quest log, and will only appear during periods of availability.
  • Added a permanent matchbox icon to the status HUD screen, which includes a total match count as well as the controls to turn on Elise’s lantern (when available).
  • Added lights to Elise’s house when seen from the front yard on Sunday Evening.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get locked out of the Village Well’s Cursed Memory (#3) by picking up Diary Entry #4 and leaving the area without completing the candle puzzle.

Sunday Woodland Specific Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a goal titled ‘Escape the room’ is triggered by finding the key hidden in the bookshelf. This goal should trigger only after discovering all 4 keys, regardless of the order in which they are found.
  • Disabled Elise’s lantern turning on during the cutscene before entering the candles room.
  • Fixed an issue where getting hit by a candle enemy while consulting the chest riddle would cause the player to miss out on the puzzle hint completely.

Monday Woodland Specific Fixes

  • Many players reported difficulty understanding the base mechanics of the flesh-eating moth puzzles. In an effort to minimize frustration and to improve the experience of the player, we’ve made the following changes:
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong text lines were being issued before and after the beacons were lit. Interacting with the beacons should now make it more evident to the player that these they’ll need to be lit by making use of Elise’s lantern.
  • Changed the colour/tint of the stationary decorative swarms of moths to distinguish them from the moths which the player is able to move.
  • Elise will now comment that the moths are drawn to Light first, and to Flesh second. She will also recommend turning off her lantern to drop off the moths securely on the carcasses.

Tuesday & Wednesday Woodland Specific Fixes

  • A large number of players reported difficulty understanding the base mechanics of the bird trees. In an effort to minimize frustration and to improve the experience of the player, we’ve made the following changes:
  • Safe trees are now permanently safe. The player should be able to identify the safe path more easily by moving between the trees which do not shake, and can take as long as they need.
  • Elise will comment on the nature of the puzzle before entering the tree area.
  • Adjusted the hitbox around spiky obstacles to reduce chances of Elise and Apfel getting clipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual and sound effects of the save spot stay turned on throughout a story cutscene in the Crossroads after escaping the Crow Woods with Apfel.
  • For the final stretch of Wednesday’s Woods, some players have reported being confused about what to do and dying multiple times without understanding why. To help with this issue, Elise will now make a comment about needing to run before the sequence begins.
  • Fixed an issue where the Golden Crow’s name tag was not being displayed with the correct glyphs, and would appear as ‘Murim’ instead.
  • Fixed an issue where Elise would get stuck in the background layer of the map after dying during the pitfalls puzzle sequence on Wednesday’s Woods.
  1. Thursday & Friday Woodland Specific Fixes
  • Fixed an issue on the final puzzle map (Moon Phases puzzle) where Elise’s portrait would glitch, and two portraits would appear simultaneously.
  • It is now properly communicated to the player that the second soul found during the escort mission will return to her original spawn point if Elise leaves her alone for too long.
  • Fixed a commonly reported issue where if the player lost sight of the second soul during the escort mission, returned to it and spoke to it once again, an empty dialogue box would be displayed and the game would softlock.
  1. Saturday #2 Woodland Specific Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the chase soundtrack wasn’t playing during the shuffling door sequences, and the normal version would playing instead.
  • Removed the hunger penalty from the ‘New Day’ time passage after Ozzy’s banquet.

Other Fixes

  • Settings could not be reset to their default values.
  • [Wednesday Woodland] Game Over screen wasn’t triggered when Elise takes damage at the same time as Apfel’s fall
  • [Wednesday Afternoon] Exclamation mark disappeared from balloon over Guido after a short while when Windmill area is entered
  • [Friday Woodland] Weeping Angels were able to pass into the safe zone and get stuck
  • [Tuesday Woodland] The golden bird’s claw UI icon appeared with the ‘Blue Interrogation’ icon instead of the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon
  • [World Map] Backing out of the map while zooming out and then re-entering caused the event icons to become enlarged
  • Opening the Credits page animation lacked SFX
  • [Sunday Dusk] UI balloon wasn’t displayed on top of Elise’s Character Model
  • [Wednesday Dawn] There was no background music in Village Entrance
  • [Thursday Afternoon] Muffy’s character became invisible during the bribe sequence in Back Alleys
  • [Saturday #2 Woodland] Elise could get stuck under fallen map parts in multiple points
  • [Sunday Afternoon] Elise called the kids in Village Square “Muffy”
  • [Thursday Woodland] The ‘Interact’ icon appeared instead of the ‘Use Item’ icon when approaching the gate
  • [Wednesday Woodland] Windmill Key didn’t work when Elise stands slightly to the right of the Windmill door
  • [Thursday Afternoon] Jochen and Ludwig character models were duplicated near the Village Entrance and in the Village Square
  • [Wednesday Witching Hour] Elise dying in Area-4 Pitfalls removed collision from most of the objects
  • [Wednesday Witching Hour] Putting a Mosaic Slab onto its place would cause the Scarecrows to cease spawning
  • [Sunday Woodland] The ‘Interact’ icon appeared instead of the ‘Use Item’ icon when approaching the door

Pending Issues

  • Reported issue where Elise’s running animation will stutter, flickering between her running and standing sprites.
  • Reported issue where the application is stuck on a black screen upon opening the game on Steam.
  • Reported issue where the ‘Wild and Wandering Thistle’ cinematic skips automatically after 15 seconds.
  • Reported issue where sprint is not working on keyboard/PC.
  • Reported issue where leaving the game in an idle state while having a textbox open inside a location that drains sanity (such as the Old Windmill) results in sanity continuing to deplete. This triggers a game over while the textbox remains open.
  • Reported issue where the hunger HUD overlay effect doesn’t disappear even after topping up Elise’s food bar.
little goody two shoes 1

Little Goody Two Shoes follows Elise, a “cunning and ambitious lass who dreams of becoming filthy rich.” After finding shiny red shoes buried in her backyard, she ends up on a journey that brings her closer to the heart of the Woods. Her choice of risking her life for her dream or remaining affixed to her day-to-day life is ultimately left up to the player.

Players can anticipate a hand-painted fairy tale environment with 12 endings to achieve depending on one’s choices and actions, with Elise able to strengthen her bond with the villagers of Kieferberg. After all, it’s possible to be suspicious of witchcraft and be left to die out in the woods.

Players can also participate in brief minigames and explore the Woodlands at nighttime to learn its secrets, home to all manner of treacherous foes. Further, there is a day and night cycle one will need to be cognizant of to ensure Elise’s survival. Lastly, there are several bachelorettes to romance in Kieferberg, comprised of an all-female cast, each boasting date scenes and storylines.

Little Goody Two Shoes is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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