Lilium x Triangle Review – Succubus in Love

Lilium x Triangle Review – Succubus in Love

In the lore of demons, a succubus really has one job: to suck the life out of male humans using the power of lust. Well, let’s try to imagine a succubus who is just not attracted to males and instead finds herself more drawn to female humans. Stop right there because you’re in luck, developer Petit Pajamas’s yuri visual novel Lilium x Triangle features a premise just like that, but with a splash of romance thrown into the mix.

Lilium x Triangle wastes no time introducing its cast of three main protagonists, Haruka, the failed succubus,  Sana Hirose, the resident tsundere, and Yuuna Hirose, the ditzy but responsible older sister. With no supporting cast in sight, the three girls must carry this romantic yuri visual novel to the conclusion that all readers know is coming. Thankfully, however, as quickly as the visual novel starts the adventure of these three girls, it does take its time to establish their personalities and give a strong case for their overwhelming feelings of love for Haruka.

Basically, Haruka came to the surface to feast on cute girls but instead ended up needing help after she hadn’t sucked out life energy in a good while. It just so happens that Sana and Yuuna came around and decided to help Haruka by letting her stay at their place as they nursed her back to help. This is all explained in a short flashback scene, but it’s all pretty straight forward. After a series of events, Haruka and one of the sisters will end up romantically involved until the ending of their story.

Lilium x Triangle 2

Given that Lilium x Triangle takes its time before beginning it’s romance routes, the characters are completely established before the choice comes around that locks you into a respective route. With that said, there are some scenes that try really hard to come off as natural, but ending up falling a bit short such as when one of the girls confesses their love for Haruka and it doesn’t quite fit her character. Furthermore, it’s never really explained why these girls like her, they just do. I should say that the game does attempt to put some emotion behind their reasons for being attracted to Haruka, but this train is clearly only going to yuri town and not stopping for a second once the character route has officially started.

Character illustrations in the game are adorable and feature many CG scenes outside of the eroge scenes. It’s also a nice touch that the characters are featured in multiple outfits, which I don’t expect from smaller teams. Similarly, the game features tons of locations that the girls visit throughout the story, and while they aren’t anything special, it’s nice to see the characters in new environments.

Lilium x Triangle 3

The writing in Lilium x Triangle is kept to a comedic tone overall and each of the characters plays into their respective roll. It all feels natural when an overly confident Haruka is shaken up by one of the girl’s getting too close. I thought these moments in the game made the relationship between the girls more natural. What was also nice is that the game doesn’t feature in huge plot holes, for instance, while the initial confession scene was pretty bad, it was brought up several times throughout the story as Haruka questions why it happened.

While the story features different colored text for who was talking, the girl’s mouths don’t move during events. This also has an effect on the h-scenes that, while they are well illustrated, don’t feature much in terms of movement so things that the girls say is happening isn’t really reflected in the scene. However, this doesn’t make or break the story as a whole. One downside about Lilium x Triangle is that there isn’t a harem route for poor Haruka in any of the three routes available

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Lilium x Triangle is just a simple and fun yuri visual novel that respects the characters enough to give them a good foundation of personality before throwing the reader into the eroge content. The three girls carry the story well for the most part and the game can be completed in under 3 hours. However, I had a good time hanging out with the cast and thought that the story and romance in the game were believable and often times heartwarming.

Lilium x Triangle takes the succubus stereotype and presents a new idea where one of them is just an adorable girl-loving airhead who finds out what it means to fall in love. Everything about the story is cute and I also ended up laughing in some of the scenes. While the game doesn’t do anything necessarily new with the genre, it does have an interesting premise that fans of the genre will most likely find enjoyable.

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