Dungeon-Crawling RPG ‘Lilitales’ Announced for PC in the West

Kagura Games announced they’ll be taking up the publishing and localization rights for the Tunnel No.73 developed dungeon-crawling RPG Lilitales on PC-via Steam.

Originally announced to be localized by Frontwing, Kagura will publish and localize the title soon in the west. Lilitales tells the story of Luna, a girl who is rumored to be the “devil child”, which has caused her to be shunned by everyone. However, things began to change after she met the princess of the Grants Kingdom, Jill, who doesn’t seem to mind what stigma has been placed on her. After becoming friends, Luna begins her training as a knight to protect Jill under all circumstances.

However, on a coming-of-age ceremony trip, a group of bandits ambush them and kidnapped Jill. Luna, being the only survivor, was condemned and thrown into prison by the people of Grants. Let go by her former comrades, she escaped from prison and branded a traitor. Luna then sets out to find her friend and clear her name.

Lilitales is a dungeon-crawling RPG where players will navigate through various dungeons while fighting monsters. Throughout the game, players will face many turning points in the game’s plot and possibly some rather dark imagery, but hey, this is Lilitales.

You can check out some English screenshots below to get a preview of the game:

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